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Can Lumin clean the hose?

Yes, we know through extensive independent laboratory testing the Lumin is effective on hoses.

Do I put water in the Lumin?

Only UVC light is used. DO NOT put any water inside the Lumin drawer.

Is the Lumin compatible with International outlets (220v)?

All 3B products will need a plug converter for international use.

How do I register my product?

You can log onto and fill out the registration form.

Do you have a youtube channel or offer educational videos?

Videos can be found at

Will the Lumin cause my mask/products to discolor or damage?

Lumin has been tested for up to 180 cycles with minimal color change.

What heated tubing is compatible with Luna II?

Any heated tubing that has it’s own power supply and a standard 22mm connector will work with the Luna II.

Is there a promo code to enter for free wipes/tube on

We do offer promo codes, these will be posted on our social media pages.

How do I replace my mask if it is broken?

Please contact the DME company that provided it. All masks are covered under a 30 day mask guarantee.

What types of compliance collection are offered with the Luna II?

The Luna II offers SD card, QR code with a free app, iCodes with interactive voice recognition, Wi-Fi and cellular modems.

Is the Luna II insurance approved?

The Luna II is approved by PDAC and has a reimbursement code. Individual insurance companies may only offer some brands of durable medical equipment. Please check with your provider.

Where can I purchase a Lumin if I live in Canada or Australia?

In Canada contact our distributor at 866-862-7328; In Australia contact our distributor at

Are the sieve beds removable on the Cirrus

They are replaceable when needed but needs to be done by a 3B Certified Repair Center.

Where can I purchase additional SD cards for sleep device Compliance downloads?

SD cards are NOT brand specific, you may replace with an SD card purchased at any retailer.

What other methods of Compliance reporting are associated with 3B sleep devices?

3B sleep devices, AutoPAPS and Bilevel machines come equipped with SD cards, iCodes, QR codes (with a free app) and some models are available with cellular or wifi modems.

What settings is the BPAP capable of?

The BPAP 25A is capable of pressures up to 25/25 cmH20.

Why does the 3B Lumin have a rack? Do I have to use it?

The Lumin Rack allows UVC light to penetrate 360* around your object, it is not required to use the RACK.

Do objects placed in Lumin have to be completely dry?

While objects do not have to be completely dry, we do recommend it as the water can cause spots or fog on the aluminum surface, making it less reflective to the UVC light rays.

Can anything that has metal be cleaned in the Lumin?

YES! Lumin will not damage metal as no chemical or heat is used.

Must mask be taken apart before placing in Lumin?

Masks can be placed in as is, however Lumin works in line of site manner and shadowed areas may receive less UVC.

Where can I find the user manual?

User manuals are available at the bottom of the product page.

What is the voltage for the Lumin?

The Lumin is powered via AC 110 at 50Hz or AC220 at 60Hz.

Does the Lumin need an adapter?

Adaptors are needed in countries that have 220V electricity.

Why is there a burnt smell on the my mask?

UVC light has no odor. The vast majority of Lumin customers experience no odor. If there is an odor it is likely similar to the smell of burnt hair. Household dust is 90% composed of dead skin cells. Skin, like hair, contains a sulfide molecule. UVC light reduces pathogens by destroying DNA with high energy light. That process also frees the sulfide molecule in a skin or hair molecule. If your unit has an odor please wash thoroughly with a damp cloth using Dawn liquid detergent and dry with a paper towel. Run one cycle with the drawer empty and let the device sit overnight. Next day, your unit should have no odor.

I already did what your website said and the burnt smell will NOT go away, what else can I do?

It is possible that a byproduct in your mask is reacting to the UVC however, we have not found one specific mask that does this continuously.

Am I harming my eyes by looking at the light through the Lumin?

Not at all, the plastic window filters out any harmful UV rays.

How does the Lumin clean the hose if UVC is only on the surface?

The strength of the bulb combined with the transparency level and thinness of material used in the hose enable the Lumin to clean properly.

Does the Lumin clean nasal pillows? How?

The strength of the bulb combined with the transparency level and thinness of material used in nasal pillows enable the Lumin to clean properly.

How do I know if the Lumin is actually working?

The Lumin will produce a noticeable blue glow through the window when it is on and running.

Why does my user manual say the Lumin will not clean the hose?

First editions of the manual did not include the hose because testing had not been completed at the time.

Do I still need to clean my mask and hose if I'm using the Lumin?

Yes, always follow manufacturers recommendations for product cleaning.

Does the blue light stay lit during cleaning? Why does the light pulsate?

The blue will stay lit for 5 min for the Lumin only.

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